Reopening Postponed

After much consideration, looking at CDC guidelinesUUA guidelines, and where Burleigh County’s numbers fall relative to those guidelines, we have decided to postpone re-opening for at least the month of September. This is a painful decision to make, we want nothing more than to come together again, however, we said we would follow the science and the science is clear.

We ask that each person, each Council think of ways we can stay together as a community. Anything from online activities, distanced outdoor events, to something new and innovative that will help us stay in touch as a community. Further, we ask that you reach out to people. A quick phone call can mean so much. We all need to know we are loved and missed. If you are struggling and need support from your UU community, please reach out to the Community Council.

We also ask that everyone who is not vaccinated to please get vaccinated. The Delta variant is so serious for those who are unvaccinated, and more variants are already out there. Protect yourselves and those who are unable to get vaccinated due to a young age or medical reasons.

We know many of the Councils have been hard at work preparing for in-person services and we are so grateful. Few notice that lightbulbs, plumbing, and sound systems work but all of us notice if those things do not work, the same can be said for so many things. To all who do the “invisible” work, we see you and thank you.

Together we will continue to get through this. We as a board will follow the science, re-examine the numbers, and bring us back together as soon as possible. If you have questions the board will be available at coffee hour after our Ingathering service, this Sunday.

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