After much consideration, beginning Sunday, Jan. 9, we will begin holding hybrid services in the sanctuary. All services will be livestreamed so you have the option of attending in-person or online. The ability to extend services to our online community is the result of months of planning by the Infrastructure Council and the hard work and expertise of Stephen Crane. 

In order to do all we can to protect our beloved community, we have taken into consideration the UUA suggested guidelines as well as CDC recommendations. In particular we grounded our decision in the 2021 Guidance for UU: 1) Root decisions in the values of inclusion and consent; 2) Follow the science; 3) Go slow and be flexible; 4) Be realistic with expectations of ourselves and others. 

The following structure will be in place to ensure our gathering is as safe as possible (and remember — you are able to attend virtually):

The following structure will be in place to ensure our gathering is as safe as possible:

1. Check your Health: If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or knowingly have been exposed to someone who has COVID, we kindly ask that you stay home and enjoy our virtual worship option.

2. Vaccinations: While we will NOT require proof of vaccine, we strongly encourage (and actually implore) anyone attending in person to be fully vaccinated. If you are looking for locations to get vaccinated or boosted, visit: North Dakota COVID-19 Vaccine Locator | Department of Health (

3. Masks: Regardless of your vaccination status, masks will be required while inside the facility. 

4. Music: No singing will be allowed in the sanctuary. Please note that services may incorporate music performed via streaming. 

5. Food: No food and drink will be served or shared in the facility while we are gathered — that includes before, during and after services.

As the COVID pandemic evolves, these guidelines may change. Thank you for your help and cooperation. We look forward to coming together again in January!

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