We are very thankful and lucky to have Elicia Faul Lac as our Music Director here at the BisMan UU. Elicia has been writing and singing from a young age.  Her music speaks to the seasons of living, spirituality, transformation, comfort and healing.  She’s also a licensed acupuncturist and body worker, owner of Loose Leaves Community Acupuncture  in Bismarck, North Dakota. Additionally, Elicia is a mom of three daughters and is passionate about giving voice to the feminine and empowering women. 

Find her music on the web at or on Spotify.

Elicia Faul Luc


Wonderful News: Beginning in August, the UU Choir will start again! The first practice will be at he church on Friday, August 26th at 5:00PM. It will also be a potluck, so everyone can catch up and reconnect with one another! Practice dates to follow:

Friday, September 23rd at 5:00PM

Friday, October 28th at 5:00PM

Friday, November 18th at 5:00PM

Friday, December 16th at 5:00PM