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“North Dakota Native Vote: Legislative Issues”

Nicole Donaghy

Executive Director of North Dakota Native Vote, will discuss efforts to build representative democracy that affects policy and equal representation for the Native people of North Dakota, including efforts to eliminate disparities and voter suppression and a look at issues expected at the … read more.

“Emotion: The Universal Language”

Elicia Faul

Musician/ Acupuncturist Elicia Faul will share the communication tool Affect Labeling. This topic is inspired by writer Doug Noll, mediation and de-escalation expert. Dress the heart comfortably as we learn and share in community.

“This Time When We Might Be Flying”

Rev. Dr. Megan Foley

You may be coming back into more active congregational life and reacting to all that has changed. What’s next for your congregation? What’s next for Unitarian Universalism? Join Rev. Dr. Megan Foley from the Central East Region of the UUA … read more.

“Grounding Our New Year in Our Seven Principles”

Marnie Piehl

1st Principle: The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person. Unitarian Universalist congregations together affirm and promote seven Principles. We also share a “living tradition” of wisdom and spirituality, drawn from many sources.

Adaptive Ministries

Cameron Young

When one strand of the web is broken, the entire web is prone to collapse. When we in UU spaces speak of our 7th principle, belief in the interdependent web of all existence, we are not merely speaking in metaphors. Our existences are intricately … read more.

The Archeology of Harvests, Feasts and Community

Sophie Asbury

This service will examine humanity’s history of feasting with a program featuring Sophie Asbury, a master gardener and archeologist whose focus was on the history of feasting. 

Broken and Loving It

Andrea Grigsby

Trying to fix yourself is the problem. Adopt a focus that motivates.

Transform the way you feel and live by one simple shift you can easily achieve. Your intelligent body has the answers to feeling the truth of “you are not broken”. … read more.

You are Boo-tiful

Elicia Faul, Music Director

A participatory and experimental service. Take a peek into the shadows at this spookiest time of year. Bring your scary stories (and other stories too), songs and poetry as we share in community.

Follow Your Truth

Hannah Vanorny

Living life authentically can be a blessing and a curse. Hannah Vanorny will speak about her spiritual journey and the decision to follow her truth and leave the Catholic monastery and be true to herself.