“Coming Out of the Shell”

Rev. Sarah Schurr

Life is full of changes of all kinds. But each change includes some form of loss. This includes changes we face as congregations as well as individuals.

Pre-Recorded Speaker: Rev. Sarah Schurr

The Rev. Sarah Schurr is the small congregation specialist in the Pacific Western Region. The Rev. Sarah Movius Schurr was ordained in 2008, but she began her work as a faith leader many years before ordination by serving as a district board member, new congregation organizer, and congregational consultant. Sarah had a 20-year Social Work career before the call to ministry. She has extensive experience in organizational development and systems theory. After ordination, Sarah worked for the Pacific Northwest District as their first Developmental Outreach Minister, bringing professional ministry to small congregations in Alaska and Oregon.

Podcast Audio:

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/ltLDsOEcAnA

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