Nurturing Hope in Times of War

Hanna Yaffe

Hanna Yaffe is an ardent peacemaker who uses stories and music to promote healing, peace, love, and unity. She regularly collaborates with musicians and storytellers from different religious backgrounds, including Christians, Hindus, and Muslims, both in the UK and Israel/Palestine. 

Her work aims to bridge cultural and religious divides.

Hanna has received awards for her anthologies, “Lullabies from Jerusalem” and “Birth in a Time of Bloodshed.” These anthologies feature lullabies that convey the universal themes of love, hope, and the fears experienced by mothers everywhere. Additionally, she has compiled “Return Again,” an anthology of Hasidic tales and melodies.

Born in London to a Rabbinic family, Hanna maintains an observant Jewish lifestyle and regularly leads prayers at her synagogue. She is the vocalist for an ultra-Orthodox women’s band in Israel called “Global Sounds.”

Hanna is actively involved in facilitating interfaith groups near her home, further promoting understanding and cooperation among different faith communities.

Notably, Hanna recently performed and spoke at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 2023.

She resides in Jerusalem with her husband and is close to her seven fabulous grandchildren.

Hanna’s life and work reflect her dedication to fostering peace, understanding, and unity among people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

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